XVI International Conference on Neurocybernetics (ICNC-12).

September 24-28, 2012, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.




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Call for Papers

Contributed papers should be submitted electronically in Russian or English, as Word file, via web. Papers should be presented in the following format (download example):

  1. Papers must be 2-4 pages A4 in length;
  2. Double-column format with the Times New Roman 12 points font, with single line spacing. The column width should be 8 cm. The distance between columns should be 1 cm;
  3. Thesis format – MS Office Word (*.doc);
  4. Margins: 2 cm on each side;
  5. Each paper should start with the title, author(s), affiliation(s), and the e-mail address of the corresponding author, printed in the full page format (centered).The title should be printed starting from the top line of the first page by capital letters with the bold font of 14 points. The title should be followed by one empty line, then author(s) name(s) (initials preceding) should be printed by lowercase letters with the bold font of 12 points.
  6. Affiliation(s) should follow author(s)’ name(s) (staring in the next line), all affiliations for each author should be indicated. If an authors have several affiliations, they should be numbered. E-mail address of the corresponding author should be printed in the next line. Then, two lines should be omitted.
  7. The paper should include a short abstract (in English, up to 10 lines), introduction, methods, results, conclusions, references. Subtitles in the text should occupy a separate line, be centered and printed by lowercase letters with the bold font of 12 points, and be separated from the top and bottom text by empty lines.
  8. Figures should be placed into the paper text (in current column). Figure legends should be formatted according to the figure width and printed with the font of 10 points.
  9. Table numbers and titles should be placed above tables and printed with the bold font of 12 points.
  10. Figures and tables should be enumerated throughout the paper. Single figures and tables should not be enumerated.
  11. Formulas printed in a separate line(s) should be centered. Formula number(s) should be right-aligned and put into parenthesis.
  12. References in the paper text should be made by numbers and put into square brackets.
  13. Reference list should be printed by lowercase letters with the font of 10 points in alphabetic order. If the paper is submitted in Russian, references to papers in Russian should precede those to English papers. If the paper is submitted in English, all references to papers in Russian should be translated in English and marked as (in Russian) at the end.